Hi everyone

If you want to comment these are the commenting guidelines.

1. You don’t do text talk.

2.Do not put in your address, full name, school and any private information

3. Check your comment before you post it.

4.No rude words or hurtful words

If you don’t follow these guidelines your comment could be deleted

7 thoughts on “Comment

  1. Ashleigh:

    Your 7 tips sound like good principles of digital citizenship to me.

    “Do not copy and paste someone else’s comment”. Does this mean I can’t quote some relevant part of the comment to show that I am responding to it?

    Any other consequences for not following the guidelines that you’ve thought of?

  2. Hi Ashleigh!!!

    Its me again Erilyn!!
    I like your principles of your comments rules. Thank you for visiting my blog multiples times and I hope you keep coming 🙂 ♥ I love your voki and your so cool because you have more than 500 people visiting your blog 😛 I wonder if you can help me get more people to come to my blog?
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  3. Ashleigh,

    You have made such an improvement on your blog site. There are a lot of interesting articles and wonderful comments from other bloggers.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Hi my name is Baylee and I just want to say I love your blog!!!!!Your back round is so CUTE!!!I know you care about your blog because you have done so much with it!!!!!Out of all blogs I love your best!!!!!HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!

  5. Hello Ashleigh,
    My name is Ashley too except spelled a different way. I reviewed your blog for part of an assignment for my class at my college. I am a sophomore here, which means I am in my second year of college. Part of my assignment was to review blogs for their content, reflection skills, and good writing habits and I just wanted to let you know I love you blog. You are a wonderful writer as well as creative. I loved your short story as well! Keep posting I will definitely keep looking back on your blog, keep writing!

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