How can you increase the number of comments on your blog

Hi everyone

This is for the student blogging challenge

Here are ten ways to get more visits to my blog

1. Ask friends and family to tell everyone they know

2. Write a few posters so people will know your blog

3. Ask your mum or dad to tell everyone about your blog by facebook, skype and etc

4. When someone visits your blog if they have a blog comment back and they might keep on commenting

5. Write a interesting post

6. Write often so people can comment on something they like

7. Make some flyers and hand them out so people will know about your blog

8. If you can maybe you can put a add in the newpapers

9. Put an advertisement in the TV

10. Write emails to everyone you know and ask them to check out your blog


4 thoughts on “How can you increase the number of comments on your blog

  1. Ashleigh,
    You certainly came up with some great ways to increase comments. Are there any that you think would not really be good to do?

  2. I thought putting an ad on TV could be a bit dangerous as you don’t know who could see it.

    Flyers would be OK if it was to people you or your parents knew.

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