Things I do after school

Hi everyone

I do the basketball clinic. It is really fun even if I am bad dribbling. I think my shooting is pretty good. The basketball clinic is on Fridays after school. We do heaps of drills like dribbling and shooting drills. Sometimes we will do a game of basketball. We also do some games like dribble knock out and golden child.

I also do ballet. Which is not in school. I am in grade 3. We do heaps of exercises. I can do the splits. It is very fun. I do it with Annie who is not in my school. On Thursdays we have to do it with the grade 2.

I do dance with Cynthia, Taylor, Lucy M, Sophie, Laura, Felicity,Millie,Maddy and Lily. Sorry if I spelled your names wrongly. First we do stretching. Then we do warm ups. Next we do our dance which we are going to do in our concert. Finally  we have free time. Then we get to go home. It is very fun.

One thought on “Things I do after school

  1. Hey Ashleigh Again…!:)

    I like this post I almost do the same things you do and on your about me page I love♥ pasta too my favorite is fetticune alferdo… Oh and I wanted to know how you do those little things on the side? Nice commenting on your blog again and can’t wait to do more!

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