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Truth or Dare

September 19, 2012 by Ash · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi Everyone

If you have a party and you need to play a game. You should play Truth or Dare. Here are some good Truth or Dare questions.


  1. What is the most embarrassing thing that you have ever done?
  2. If you were a female/male what would you do?
  3.  How far would you go to get a celebrity attention?
  4.  If you had to kill someone, who would you kill?
  5. What are 5 things that you like about yourself?
  6.  If there was a explosion and you and two other people of the other gender survived who would they be?
  7.  What is your deepest darkest secret?
  8.  If the building was burning and you only had time to save one person who would it be? Would it be your crush or parents?
  9.  If you had 2 wishes that would expire after 24 hours what would they be?
  10. What was the last dream you had about?
  11. What is your most embarrassing nickname?
  12. If you could read people’s minds, what would you want to find out?
  13. What are your bad habits?
  14. What is your middle name?
  15. How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
  16. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  17. What was one talent you wish to have?
  18. What is your secret talent?
  19. What is the weirdest dream you had?
  20. What is your favourite party game?
  21. What TV commercial would you like to be in?
  22. What do you like to daydream about?


  1. Go into the front yard and do the chicken dance for one minute
  2.  Let the person standing closest to you do your make-up blindfolded and go outside. Keep it on for at least an hour
  3.  Give every tree in the yard a big hug and tell each one that you love him
  4. Sing the “I’m a little tea pot song”. Do all the motions
  5. Go outside and yell “I believe in fairies” loudly three times while clapping your hands as fast as you can
  6.  Run down the street in your pyjamas
  7. Stand in your front yard, wave and say ‘Hi!’ to everyone you see
  8.  Sit on the lap of the person on your right for the rest of the game
  9.  You must ask the group for permission to use the bathroom for the rest of the night
  10. Prank call your parents
  11. Become the slave of another player of your choosing for 30 minutes
  12. Ask a complete stranger for a hug
  13. Select another player and repeat everything they say for the next 3 rounds
  14. Do everything in slow-motion for the rest of the game
  15. Carry the player on your left around the room once’
  16. Put pieces of ice into your underwear until it melts
  17. Lick the ground
  18. Eat mayo or Soy Sauce without anything with it
  19. Dress yourself completely with toilet paper and run down the road
  20. Mimic a kissing scene in a movie
  21. Put your hand in the toilet
  22. Lick someone else’s foot

Have fun!


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  • Letty

    Hey Ashleigh,

    It’s Letty, from Mr. Miller’s class. The one I will answer for you is in Truth and is number 6. If that explosion happened to two guys that I would want to survive are Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, my two most favorite actors. Some of the dares you wrote I have had to do a while ago. Love your blog and post. keep up the good work.

    - Letty

  • Keean

    I love that game. I bet it took ages to think of all of them. I’d have to get paid before I did any of them though!

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